About Unit Dog Apparel

Unit Dog Apparel is an American owned patriot focused graphic design and apparel printing company specializing in producing premium, affordable, custom products for active military service personnel and Veterans, and all those family members who support Americas past present and future troops.

Unit Dog Apparel:
• Uses high quality products to ensure longer lasting wear and enjoyment.
• Always creates custom designs for every new piece ... Unit Dog Apparel dose not use clipart ever so the apparel you are buying is original art inspired by our artist and owner. 
• When you buy from Unit Dog Apparel You are getting exclusive handmade prints created by Robert Follett Designs - the owner and artist.
• Unit Dog Apparel is passionate about creating and maintaining a spirit of American Patriotism. 


• Operating with a responsible ecological footprint

• Unit Dog the mascot on the banner is an English Bulldog named Sgt. Jägermeister. ~ Just incase that is ever a trivia question you need to know. 

Thank you all who continue to support our creative efforts and patriotic passion helping us to do or part to keep America Strong, Great... and Fun

~ God Bless America. 

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